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About The Vanguard

The Vanguard

The term Vanguard originates from the medieval French avant-garde which was typically the guard at the front of an army going into battle. The Vanguard was both bold and experimental. As a luxury boutique accommodation, we seek to provide guests with an unparalleled experience.

Our Values

We are passionate in our values which comprise of Value Creation where every member of the team is responsible for driving the best value for our guests – small gestures can make a big difference and we want every guest to have a magical experience. At the same time, Respect for one another is a key value that is instilled not just among members of the team but also guests who stay at the residence. In addition, we pride ourselves on having Integrity which is a cornerstone to allow every member of the team to have a degree of autonomy and empowerment.

Finally, from concept to design and execution, there is a central focus on ensuring Care for environment and Care for society in how The Vanguard operates – for example, we avoid single-use plastics where possible and have invested significantly in technology to improve heat retention in the property as well as energy optimisation. We also operate responsibly to ensure we create sustainable local employment and aim to donate a percentage of free cash flow each year to charitable causes.

Trying to make the world a better place

We want to build a value-driven culture that puts our customers, suppliers, employees and broader society at the heart of our what we do. While operating profitably is essential for long-term survival, we want to ensure our earnings benefit all stakeholders.

This isn’t hippy capitalism. It’s just good old fashioned decency.

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Creating employment

Creating Jobs

We’re proud to support living wage jobs that provide local people with security, financial stability and the opportunity to grow & develop. Roughly 28p in every £1 spent by guests at the residence goes toward supporting local employment.


The Vanguard aims to donate 2.5% of free cash flow to support charitable causes each year. We believe in the power for corporations to do good especially in war torn countries that face humanitarian crises.


Supporting charitable causes


Renovating the residence has been and continues to be a labour of love. It’s taken years of pain staking detail to complete phase 1 which allowed us to complete most of the ‘heavy’ infrastructure – things like acoustic sound proofing, thermal upgrades, automation, advanced plumbing, fire, power, lights. The feedback we’ve had from guests has been truly humbling and with every experience, we look to take the learnings to improve the next phase.

The focus is currently on getting phase 2 complete which will comprise our kitchen and living area – think of it as being something similar to an ‘executive lounge’ in design, ambience and offerings. Work should commence in Q3 2019 and we have already started thinking about possible gourmet recipes that will be cooked up by a local culinary chef. Watch this space and please share the love by following us on Instagram, Twitter and facebook.

300+ guest stays
Phase 1 out of 3 complete
91% 5* review ratings
Instant Reservation

Rooms can be instantly booked using our online reservation and payment systems. Booking your stay at The Vanguard couldn’t be easier.

24hr Check-In / Check-Out

There’s nothing worse than having to wait to check-in or check-out. Our self service process allows 24hr check-in and check-out giving guests greater flexibility.

Restaurant & Room Service

Our gourmet chef is on standby to cook up a delightful dish which can be eaten in the restaurant or delivered directly to your room. We can even cater to no/low carb diets.

Beautiful rooms

Beautiful elegant rooms. All en-suites are refreshed each year to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

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